Palace Kawardha

PALACE KAWARDHA remains the residential "home" of Maharaja Vishwaraj Singh and his family. However in 1991 a former visitor to Kawardha was able to persuade them to share the hidden treasures that surround them with special guests who wish to experience events which are pleasurably unique while on vacation. For Naturalists Historians Photographers Artists Poets and those who just love to explore India's many diverse paths there is something here for everyone.

LOCATION: Kawardha lies at the edge of the Maikal Hill range which climb in altitude from 340m to 941m above sea level. The longitude and latitude co-ordinates are X1E 14'30" and 22N 1' respectively. Kawardha is 140kms from Raipur airport 124kms from Bilaspur 240kms from Jabalpur and 329kms from Nagpur. Distances to Kanha National Park vary between 95kms and 140kms depending on the area to be visited.

ACCOMMODATION: Four spacious double suites and a 1st floor family suite are offered to our incoming guests. All our suites have w/style bathroom facilities. The maximum number of guests that we can accommodate at any given time on a sharing basis is twelve (12) persons. Although extra beds can be made available in the double suites if required. The Durbar Hall with its magnificent towering dome and gold leaf filigree provides the setting for our guests' general relaxation while the Office Lounge lends itself ideally to quiet contemplation or exploration of the wide selection of literature housed within. A high standard of local cuisine which is 'gently' and carefully prepared is offered in the splendour of the State Dining Hall. Family members join our guests for most meals. NB: Special food requirements can be easily catered for if advance notification of allergies etc. are given.

Sprawling verandas surround the Palace and from these airy locations many delightful species of birds can be observed throughout the year. The gardens and bird-walk provide opportunities for peaceful moments with Mother Nature.

SEASON: The Palace Kawardha season extends from 1st September through until 30'h April annually.However guests who are used to our particularly hot/monsoon climate are welcome at any time with the exception of May and June.

CLIMATE: COOL SEASON - November to February. Evening night and early morning temperatures can vary between 4 -12C therefore good warm clothing is highly recommended. (Also Kanha National Park has been known to reach 2C.) Day temperatures rise to approximately 14 -20C so lighter apparel is advised for your comfort.

WARM SEASON - October March and April. In these months the weather is considerably warmer with temperatures reaching 30C and even 35C in April during the day. Therefore your lightest articles of clothing are recommended but do include a sweater jacket or shawl for evening excursions or overnight treks.

OUTLINE PROGRAMME: Apart from relaxing in the gracious surroundings of the Palace guests can explore the many places of local beauty and interest such as the RADHA KRISHNA temple or the SARODA RESERVOIR to watch our magnificent sunsets. Visitors can also wander around the ancient BHOREMDEO group of temples the LOHARA BAVLI (two simple step wells) and experience the gentleness of BAIGA AND GOND TRIBAL VILLAGES. We also arrange NIGHT DRIVES to possibly glimpse species of local wildlife such as hyena sloth bear porcupine and for the lucky ones even a leopard or two. However night drives are subject to permission being given by the Forest Department.

SUPERVISED TREKS of varying ease and duration have been carefully trodden for guests wishing to escape even the jeep. Exploring the hills and valleys accompanied by the peoples of the jungles to see the flora and possibly the fauna is a special experience. Treks can be of a half or full day duration or up to four nights out in the jungle villages. However guests wishing to stay overnight in our jungles must advise us in advance. NB: Please note and be assured that all food and beverages including drinking water are taken with us during treks or ferried out daily to ensure continued good health.

KANHA NATIONAL PARK's southern entrance at Mukki is 3 hours to the North West of Kawardha by road. We would be more than happy to co-ordinate accommodation at one of Kanha's excellent wildlife camps for visitors wanting to observe the Tiger and the other protected species of animals and birds found in this magnificent Park. However to secure confirmed bookings advance notice is imperative. A

PERSONAL NOTICE: The management and staff of Palace Kawardha endeavour to ensure at all times the personal safety of our guests and their belongings. However we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to the personal effects of individuals.


    BY AIR - The nearest airport is at RAIPUR(M.P.). Flights by two separate carriers from/to New Delhi are scheduled on six (6) days of the week. These flight timings are subject to change7 so please do check with your travel agent or the airline.

    BY RAIL - Our nearest railheads are at Raipur? BILASPUR & RAJNANDGAON (all 31/2 hours away) where daily overnight MAIL & EXPRESS trains from Delhi Bombay Calcutta can be met by our vehicles. Visitors approaching Madhya Pradesh from a southerly direction would have to change trains at Nagpur or drive from there.

    BY ROAD - Kawardha can be approached from four different directions namely RAIPUR BILASPUR KANHA NATIONAL PARK( Southern Mukki Gate) & RAJNANDGAON all of which are 31/2 hours away.
Nagpur is 5 1/2 hrs away by road but the route taken is quiet and scenic. On request we will be hapy to organise transportation for you from these places by Tempo Trax vehicles. Alternatively private car hire and express bus services are available from these centres and from Jabalper. (Please see section headed 'location').

The following rates include accommodation at Palace Kawardha; all meals of a high standard; daily excursions to the places of local interest (within a 25km radius) and entertainment from our local and Tribal dance groups and musicians.

F.I.T. (2-4 PAX) US$ 108 US$ 96  US$ 84
GROUPS (5-8 PAX) US$ 97        US$ 85 US$ 76
GROUPS (9 PAX PLUS) US$ 88 US$ 76 US$ 69


The above rates are commissionable to Travel Consultants at 10%. For 5-8 Adult Pax the Tour Leader's staying charges are reduced by 50% whereas for 9 Pax and above the Tour Leader's stay is F.O.C. All children under the age of 12 years are awarded a 50% reduction of rates in relation to the number of Adult Pax in the party.

    LUNCH ONLY at Palace Kawardha can be arranged at a rate of US$18 per pax. However lunches can ONLY BE ARRANGED IF BOOKED IN ADVANCE and only commissionable for over 8 paying pax

making fire Baiga style TREKKING RATES: Nights spent out in jungle villages are charged at US$95 per pax per night.

Nights at the Palace will be as above.

Maximum participants are six (6).

Only day walks can be organised on the spur of the moment.

These excursions MUST be booked and confirmed in advance.


    TRANSPORTATION from/to RAIPUR BILASPUR or KANHA NATIONAL PARK can be arranged only with advance notice at US$65 per every 3 pax per journey. The charge from/to NAGPUR per 3 pax per journey is US$115. These rates are NOT COMISSIONABLE and are subject to changes relating to the availability or price increases of diesel/petrol.

PAYMENT TERMS & CONDITIONS: Indian Rupee equivalent Bank Drafts should be drawn in favour to PALACE KAWARDHA HOSPITALITY PVT. LTI). payable at the STATE BANK OF INDIA Kawardha Branch No 0406 and forwarded by REGISTERED A.D. post to Yogeshwar Raj Singh Palace Kawardha Kawardha - 491995 Dist. Kawardha (M.P.) India. Alternatively direct deposits by TELEGRAPHIC TRANSFERS can be made as per the attached details. FULL PAYMENT is required not less than 30 days in advance of the arrival of any group or individual. A cancellation fee of 30% will be levied in respect of any cancellation rendered within 10 days of the intended date of arrival. ALL miscellaneous accounts MUST be settled in full prior to the departure of our guests.

The Kawardha Baiga Tribal Trust is supported by 5% of all revenue received for accomodation. Baiga man at prayer

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